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For more than 37 years, Partners for Potential, Inc. has been devoted to providing training, education and general assistance to multicultural adults with developmental disabilities.  Partners for Potential has assisted thousands of individuals in more than 15 different languages to develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes to lead a more productive and meaningful life.  You too can make a difference by becoming a partner for our cause.



Our programs are open to individuals 18 and over with intellectual challenges, autism, cerebral palsy and seizure disorders.  We customize the activities to fit the goals of each individual and remove language barriers for maximum effectiveness by providing bilingual Program Instructors. 



Supporting adults with developmental disabilities to reach their full potential.


Partners for Potential provides individuals with developmental disabilities with a centered, culturally respectful, least restrictive training environment to promote the development of skills, knowledge and attitudes to reach one's full potential and lead a more productive and meaningful life.

Our core programs provides community-based activities, training and transportation for adults with developmental disabilities in the natural environments of their own communities throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties.   

Our Mission