We currently offer the following programs:

  • 3:1 community-based day program (All Areas)
  • 3:1 community integration program (Santa Clarita)

4,000 square foot drop in facility in Santa Clarita


We provide roundtrip transportation to and from our community-based day program to maximize training opportunities throughout the day.  Our "mobile classroom" allows for  extra teachable moments in natural settings.

Supporting adults with developmental disabilities to reach their full potential.


 We focus on meeting language needs to increase skill building and reduce behaviors.  Languages  include: ASL, Armenian, Cantonese, Dari, English, Farsi, Illongo, Korean, Korean Sign Language, Laotian, Mandarin, Spanish, Tagolog, Turkish, Vietnamese and more. 


​Goal: Heavy focus on employment training and community integration with use of a facility for individuals who are unable to integrate full-time.  

Training: job training, travel training, computer skills, ESL, communication, reading, writing, money counting, budgeting, shopping, transportation, exercise, health, cooking, arts and crafts, landscaping, social skills, etc.

Location: Community settings and natural environments in communities throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties with drop in facilities located in Van Nuys and Santa Clarita. 

Hours: Approximately 5 hours including transportation.  M-F between 8 AM and 2 PM

Staffing: 1:3 ratio - average 3 consumers assigned to each staff person.

Cost: Funding provided by regional center.

Other Info: Transportation to and from the home and all program activities is provided using staff vehicles..