Supporting adults with developmental disabilities to reach their full potential.


We provide roundtrip transportation to and from our community-based day program to maximize training opportunities throughout the day.  Our "mobile classroom" allows for  extra teachable moments in natural settings.


We currently offer the following programs:

  • 3:1 community-based day program (All Areas)
  • 3:1 community integration program (Santa Clarita)


 We focus on meeting language needs to increase skill building and reduce behaviors.  Languages  include: ASL, Armenian, Cantonese, Dari, English, Farsi, Illongo, Korean, Korean Sign Language, Laotian, Mandarin, Spanish, Tagolog, Turkish, Vietnamese and more. 

4,000 square foot drop in facility in Santa Clarita


​Goal: Heavy focus on employment training and community integration with use of a facility for individuals who are unable to integrate full-time.  

Training: job training, travel training, computer skills, ESL, communication, reading, writing, money counting, budgeting, shopping, transportation, exercise, health, cooking, arts and crafts, landscaping, social skills, etc.

Location: Community settings and natural environments in communities throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties with drop in facilities located in Van Nuys and Santa Clarita. 

Hours: Approximately 5 hours including transportation.  M-F between 8 AM and 2 PM

Staffing: 1:3 ratio - average 3 consumers assigned to each staff person.

Cost: Funding provided by regional center.

Other Info: Transportation to and from the home and all program activities is provided using staff vehicles..